Enhancing the quality of public policies, programs and services of direct concern to citizen through systematic research, education, policy advocacy, provision of technical and advisory services to citizen; government and donors as well as fighting corruption and social injustice.
Building the civic competence of citizenry and transforming them into confident, public-spirited and politically active citizen that provide a foundation for democratic governance and accountable leadership in the country.
Network and build alliances with other organizations, public and private, national and international, to further these broad objectives.
COMMUNITY Citizen's Parliament
IGNITING Civic Engagement
REVOLUTIONIZING Technical and Advisory Support Services
UNLEASHING Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Public Affairs Center Of Uganda

A Ugandan-National civil society governance watchdog and public policy lobby committed to work for the improvement of the quality of governance in the country and provision of quality technical and advisory services; with the promotion and protection of constitutionalism, good governance and democratic development of the country as is overriding goal.

Vision of a peaceful, democratic, prosperous and well-managed country with happy people.

Mission: To effectively contribute to the quality of governance of the country and public service delivery through an active interaction of civil society with the state.

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