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  A results-oriented civil society governance watchdog and public policy lobby.
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welcome to PAC
Public Affairs Center of Uganda is a national results-oriented civil society governance watchdog and public policy lobby started in 2006 and
registered as a charity in 2008. PAC is committed to work for the improvement of the quality of governance in the
country and provision of quality public services; with the promotion and protection of constitutionalism, good
governance and democratic development of the country, as its overriding goal. It’s consumed by the desire to
promote professional ethics, integrity and accountability in management of public affairs. Its underlying premise is
that the quality of governance will improve only when civil society (citizen) is aware and active in protecting their
rights and citizen interests and demanding greater accountability from government and its agencies.
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The Principle Objectives that guide PAC Mission Agenda.
Good governance.

To Foster good governance and citizen servicing that entails deepening local democracy, strengthening local
governance and effective citizen servicing by contributing in enhancing the quality of local governance, public
policies, programs and services of direct concern to citizen.

Productive citizen.

To Build an influential, productive and responsible Citizen Agency upon who social and political
accountability, democracy, good governance, human rights and civil society work can be anchored by
building the civic competence of citizenry and transforming them into confident, public-spirited and politically
active citizen that provide a foundation for democratic governance and accountable leadership in the country.

Economic Recovery.

To Foster post Covid 19 pandemic economic recovery and economic justice and building of a resilience
economy, governance systems and citizenry in the face of pandemics

Social Transformation.

To Foster realization of social transformation and sustainable development through responsible use of natural
resources and climate change adaptability.


To Foster organization sustainability and effectiveness in achieving its mission through Social Enterprises
Development and institutional capacity building.


To network and build alliances with other organizations, public and private, national and international, to
further these broad objectives.

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The Board Members
Rt. Rev Michael Okwi Esakhan
Joined 15th August 2012
Mr. Ekwee Ocen Benson.
Joined 15th August 2012
Hon. Odongo Andrew.
Joined 22nd November 2016
Ms.  Akallo Dinah.
Joined 10th January 2017
Ms. Abel Stella N
Mr. Okia Emma
Joined 15th August 2012
Rev. John Robert Angiro
Joined 22nd November 2016
Mr. Einau Ignatius Jimmy.
Joined 10th January 2017
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We provides opportunities and space for citizens to engage in public issues that affect them and to hold duty bearers accountable, as well as act as a neutral platform for civil activists, professionals, academia and public managers to engage in dialogue, critical debate, self-reflection and activism over a wide variety of issues that are critical to the citizen welfare and survival of Uganda as a nation.
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