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1. PAC is a national results-oriented civil society governance watchdog and public policy lobby started in 2006 and registered as a charity in 2008. PAC is committed to work for the improvement of the quality of governance in the country and provision of quality public services; with the promotion and protection of constitutionalism, good governance and democratic development of the country, as its overriding goal. It’s consumed by the desire to promote professional ethics, integrity and accountability in management of public affairs. Its underlying premise is that the quality of governance will improve only when civil society (citizen) is aware and active in protecting their rights and citizen interests and demanding greater accountability from government and its agencies.
2. It’s in this context that the Center provides opportunities and space for citizens to engage in public issues that affect them and to hold duty bearers accountable, as well as act as a neutral platform for civil activists, professionals, academia and public managers to engage in dialogue, critical debate, self-reflection and activism over a wide variety of issues that are critical to the citizen welfare and survival of Uganda as a nation. The Center operates “open houses” or Think Tanks on democracy, good governance, development and public policy, undertakes action –based research on these issues; and stimulates a citizen-driven Ugandan society.
3. PAC’s strength and credibility lie in its independence and commitment to strengthening collective civil society voice to generate greater impact. Our approach hopes in cashing on forging a close working partnership between professionals (who possess brainpower) and communities (who possess civic power) to achieve results.
4. PAC’s philosophy is rooted on our strong belief in democratic governance and an overriding desire to advance and improve the human condition. PAC strongly holds that the quality of governance will only improve when citizens are aware and active in demanding greater accountability from government and that transforming public leadership vested with vast citizen authority and power through citizen-driven strategic engagement is key in turning the country round toward positive democratic and development direction. The Centre’s strength and credibility lie in its independence and commitment and principled engagement with the state and all stakeholders. Our approach hopes in cashing on forging a close working partnership between professionals (who possess brainpower) and communities (who possess civic power) to achieve results. A new Corporate Strategy 2040 code-phrased pursuing the Vision 2040 aspirations and the first 5-year Strategic Program Plan 2022-2027, was adopted by Trustees General Meeting in August 2022 and now being rolled out.
5. Vision and Mission Statement: “PAC envisions a peaceful, democratic, prosperous and well-managed country with a happy people”. PAC exists to foster the quality of governance, citizen servicing, sustained peace and economic growth that works for all through an active interaction of citizen with the state as its mission intent.
6. In pursuit of this mission, PAC shall be guided by and work to promote and protect these core principles of constitutionalism, rule of law; frugal public management, human dignity, equity, economic empowerment and justice for all at all times.
7. The Principle Objectives that guide PAC Mission Agenda are:
a) To Foster good governance and citizen servicing that entails deepening local democracy, strengthening local governance and effective citizen servicing by contributing in enhancing the quality of local governance, public policies, programs and services of direct concern to citizen;
b) To Build an influential, productive and responsible Citizen Agency upon who social and political accountability, democracy, good governance, human rights and civil society work can be anchored by building the civic competence of citizenry and transforming them into confident, public-spirited and politically active citizen that provide a foundation for democratic governance and accountable leadership in the country.
c) To Foster post Covid 19 pandemic economic recovery and economic justice and building of a resilience 2 economy, governance systems and citizenry in the face of pandemics
d) To Foster realization of social transformation and sustainable development through responsible use of natural resources and climate change adaptability
e) To Foster organization sustainability and effectiveness in achieving its mission through Social Enterprises Development and institutional capacity building
f) To network and build alliances with other organizations, public and private, national and international, to further these broad objectives

8. Our Belief and route to results <br>a) PAC believes there are three key actors in strengthening or building democracy, good governance and effective service delivery. These are: PEOPLE, LEADERS and INSTITUTIONS. Engaging these three actors will definitely have greater impact on governance and service delivery.

  1. The focus of PAC interventions in the next 10 years will be on these three principle actors. To us, a three – dimensional approach that seeks to:
  1. 1. Build a conscious and active citizenry;
  2. 2. Stimulate leadership growth, responsiveness and commitment; and
  3. 3. Grow strong democratic institutions that facilitate effective and sustained use of our natural resources to guarantee sustained economic growth within the framework of vision 40, NDPIII and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

b) this in our belief, is a hallmark of effectiveness in governing, citizen servicing and sustained economic growth and peace that work for all.
c) This in turn will produce more responsive leadership and institutions that are sensitive to citizen aspirations and are accountable to the people, an economy that grows in a sustained manner and is resilient to climate change shocks within the framework national and global development paradigms.
d) A culture of democratic tradition and practice will then emerge with resultant improvement in the quality of governance, service delivery, a growing and resilient economy and citizen livelihoods.
9. The Core Mandate of PAC Uganda:
Based on our new Corporate Strategy 2040, the mandate of PAC Uganda is premised on five key program pillars in the next five years.
These five pillars are:
a) Governance and Citizen Servicing
b) Citizen Agency Building and Human
Rights, with a focus on building collective citizen voice and influence as well as human rights protection and defending
c) Economic Justice and Resilience,
d) Environment Governance, Justice and Sustainable Development; and
e) Social Enterprises Development and Institutional Building.
9. Embedded within these program pillars are strategic actions that will be executed to actualize the strategic intent defined in our mission and the theory of change. These will be executed through a secretariat built around four directorates:
a) Directorate of Programs and Results Management;
b) Directorate of Finance and Planning; c) Directorate of Business Development and Resource Mobilization; and
d) Directorate of Communication and Knowledge Management

10 PAC has established a two-tier staffing model program team which features both Associate and established or contracted staffing levels to execute its strategic program actions. This is supported by an established network of Grassroots Citizen Social Action Platforms (Citizen Parliaments) in Teso and Karamoja with a membership of over 2,560 civic activists who are champions of our governance and human rights work at community level.
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